Welcome to, a personal website about public libraries here in Ipswich, Suffolk. (I probably should have called it IpswichLibraryUser, but there we go.)

I originally set up the site to publicise the loss of more than 10% of the non-fiction books in the County Library when the County Council decided it needed space for an "information point" - a facility that turned out to be little used and, hence, rather pointless. Since then the library has been refurbished and the information point is no more, though, of course, the books didn't return. That's all past history now, however some of the other material might still be of interest, so I've left it here on the site.

I'm one of the Ipswich library lions.



Part 1: Ipswich Library before 1924
Part 2: Ipswich Library in Northgate Street


Are libraries places where we borrow books? Part 1. Introduction
Are libraries places where we borrow books? Part 2. Update for 2000 to 2002




Where I talk about particular services and give information, this is my own understanding, and it's always possible I may be wrong, though obviously I don't intend to mislead. If you see anything factually inaccurate, I would appreciate it if you told me using the e-mail address given at the end.

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10th December 2006